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Arthur + Ana Mehndi

Growing up, my mother instilled in me the importance of our culture. Being half Pakistani has always meant a great deal to me and I truly value being able to share my culture with others. I was honored when my cousin Arthur asked me to capture his beautiful Mehndi ceremony.

Mehndi is a traditional pre-wedding ceremony. Depending on your origins and the particular traditions of your family, the bride and groom may both be present at the same Mehndi ceremony.

In keeping with our family’s traditions, two seats were set up for the bride and groom at the front of the room. Behind them was a beautifully decorated backdrop, setting the scene with the bright colours and textured tapestries.

The bride and groom were brought in separately. As they were each brought in, a dupatta (scarf) was held over their heads. Once seated, the dupattas were draped over their shoulders symbolizing them coming together as a couple.

After this, the unmarried sisters and cousins brought in decorated plates with sweets and arranged the plates in front of the bride and groom.

The families, friends and relatives of the bride and groom came forward one by one and blessed the to-be married couple by applying mehndi to their palms and feeding them each a sweet.

Arthur and Ana’s Mehndi ceremony was a beautiful start to their wedding festivities. They both looked stunning as they were surrounded by the love and support of their family and friends. It was a great way to share their love and warmth during the most romantic month of the year.

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