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DVLOP Preset Review

DVLOP is a brand new photography preset company that currently sells presets from six very acclaimed wedding photographers/companies. This is a great solution if you are trying to get the editing look of a photographer you look up to. However, for many people, presets have hit a over saturation. So, is DVLOP really worth it? Why should you buy yet another preset?

Luckily, DVLOP does have a fresh approach to presets with things like dual illuminating profiles as well as a new mix and match approach to presets which really allows you to edit in a style more in line with your personal tastes as a photographer.

To start, let me note that I bought three packs: Gabe McClintock - WE ROAM THE EARTH, Jeff Newsom - COMPANION CUBE, Jonas Peterson - DESTINATION. Also, this review is from the perspective of a photographer that does a variety of family and wedding work.

(From left to right: Gabe - Gljufrabui, Jeff - For Science, You Monster, Jonas - Skogafoss and the last photo is the unedited JPEG )

Right away, you will notice Jeff's For Science, You Monster is very warm. I think all three packs add something different and unique to each photo.

(From left to right: Jeff - For Science, You Monster, Jonas - Skogafoss, Gabe - Gljufrabui and the last photo is the unedited JPEG )

Personally, for this family shoot, I think Jeff's For Science, You Monster is the only one that works. The colours are warm and inviting and the skin tones look great.

Here is where the real power of DVLOP gets to shine. When you buy a few of their packs, you can then combine different aspects of each photographers preset into something that suits your own style. To start, you pick a base preset then choose a tone curve and finish with a palette. Here is the same picture but with the mix and match approach.

This photo was edited with Jeff Newsom - For Science, You Monster to start and then I used Jonas Peterson's Tone Curve and Color Palette to compliment. Here I was able to come up with a photo more in line with my personal editing style.

DVLOP is easy to use, but like most presets it's not just a one click solution to photo editing. You will most likely have to do some tweaks to get it just the way you like it.

With any preset, you have to choose one that fits the desired look you want and some presets work better when they are shot a certain way.

Jeff Newsom - For Science, You Monster V2

Gabe McClintock - Niagara

Jeff Newsom - This Was a Triumph

The next collection of photos are from a recent wedding I shot and edited with a variety of presets to give you a look of how a certain preset really changes the whole vibe.

Jonas Peterson - Skogafoss

Gabe McClintock - Latourell

Jonas Peterson - Joshua Tree

Jonas Peterson - Gotland

Jeff Newsom - I'm a Potato

A key selling feature DVLOP seems to be promoting is Dual Illuminant profiles which essentially are suppose to give you more accurate colours, especially in mixed lighting and across multiple cameras. In all honestly, having only played around with the preset in the short few weeks it's been out, I only noticed a small improvement when using the DVLOP colour profile.

My biggest complaint with DVLOP (which isn't really much of a complaint) is that a huge part of photo editing is how the raw image was initially shot, so it would be nice if when you bought one of the packs they gave a brief description of what works best to achieve the best quality work in conjunction with a specific preset. I know that may be more info than these photographers might want to give away since many of them offer workshops, but I think it would be helpful.

Right away, Jeff Newsom's Companion Cube is easily my favourite of the presets I bought. It works best with my style and the kind of work I get as a photographer.

Overall, DVLOP hasn't really changed the way I edit my photos but I am impressed. I think it is a fresh approach to camera presets, they have great photographers behind them and the company gives you the added incentive to keep buying packs from them since it gives you more options to mix and match presets and fit a style all your own.

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